Wai Hao’s Mission

Based on the tenet of “customer-oriented, quality first, authenticity and value”, our company continuously improves and innovates, cleverly combining modern new technology with traditional craftsmanship, introducing advanced equipment at home and abroad, and purchasing high-quality raw materials plus scientific theory in order to produce high-quality, safe and high-standard furniture.
The Wai Hao team insists on “Total Quality” as our mission. We have always adhered to the strict and personal follow-up of each construction project to provide professional and innovative design, excellent service and strict cost control to achieve our mission.


Engineering examples


「Fire Defender」Fire rated door

” Fire Defender ” Fire rated door is a product developed by Wai Hao Engineering. It is a product innovatively developed and combined with vermiculite slab core and solid wood fire core. It has passed BS EN 1634-1: 2008 30, 60, 120 minutes fire prevention certification. Our products include: luxury fire rated door series, wooden fire rated doors, glass fire rated door with stainless steel frame as well as fire glass windows.

Passed fire protection certification

International Class A fire performance

Interior design

Wai Hao is confident that we can understand our customer’s preferences and needs personally. The service content includes one-stop custom furniture and cabinets, and also achieves the overall coordination of various design elements through concurrent decoration and other designs. We will lift your manpower and cost burden of decorating your new home after your busy day.

Customer’s needs

Field measurement